Aggression in public

In several projects we focus on how, based on social psychological literature, we can develop new practical knowledge and interventions to prevent conflict escalation and aggression in public places.

For instance, in 2010 I was involved in an extensive project evaluating interventions aimed at reducing conflict between neighbors in multicultural neighborhoods funded by collaborating housing companies in Arnhem.

In a project in 2014 for the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations I reviewed the available literature and together with professionals developed a manual which can be used when setting up new training programs based on the latest literature.

Recently I started a project funded by the Dutch Research and Documentation Centre, wherein we work together with the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) to investigate how employees may deal with aggression incidents among Asylum Seekers.


  • Ellen Giebels
  • Sven Zebel
  • Key output

  • Report on the nature of aggression incidents and experiences of employees in asylum seekers’ centers. link(in Dutch).
  • Report on how to use social psychological theory to develop anti-aggression training programs: link(in Dutch).
  • Paper on the effectiveness of a Neighborhood Mediation Program in resolving Neighbor-to-Neighbor conflict: link